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9 of the Best Food Discount Apps in Singapore – Every Foodie’s Secret Weapon

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by CashOctopus • November 25, 2019

Singaporeans are generally known to be lovers of food. In Singapore, there is a wide variety of foods available from different cultures such as Chinese, Indian, Thai and even Western. Research has shown that Singaporeans spend an average of S$248 in a month dining out. If you are one of those foodies who enjoy eating out every so often, then it will be a good idea for you to make good use of the food discount apps available in Singapore. Below are 9 of the best apps.

1. The Entertainer

This is a food app that will connect you to the best deals on eating places, fitness centres and other lifestyle activities in Singapore. You will find great food discounts on this app and you can make savings of up to as much as 50%. The Entertainer has a calculator that enables you to track how much you have saved. You can find offers and promotions for dining in high-class restaurants as well as in ordinary outlets. For $65 on this app, you will be able to get an offer for double at the price of one.

2. Eatigo

This app will enable you to do online reservations at the restaurants of your choice. They have a network of over 4,000 restaurants and you will enjoy a discount of between 10% and 50%. The rate of discount varies according to the schedule of the restaurant, and you will be able to get better discounts during off peak hours. Eatigo has also categorised the restaurants according to certain specialties offered such as those who serve seafood or certain types of meats. This will make it easier for you to choose a restaurant where you will enjoy dining.

3. Chope

This is a very popular food app in Singapore. They have a network of over 1100 restaurants around Singapore. You will be able to earn reward points called Chope-dollars for every reservation that you fulfil. These points will help you to get vouchers. The points can be redeemed at a minimum of $2.50 per reservation. Discounts can also be as high as 50% if you dine out using this app. One other benefit of using Chope is that you will not be penalised if you need to cancel a reservation at the last minute.

4. Perx

This is another food app where you will have the opportunity to earn loyalty points. These points can be redeemed for toppings on food. You need to use this app at several eating places in Singapore in order to earn the reward points.

5. Shopback Go

This is a relatively new app in Singapore and it will give you an opportunity to get a cash back when you dine at one of the outlets. There are over 600 spots and you will also get offers for promotions and discounts. When you get awarded a cash back, it will be entered on your app account. When the figure exceeds $10, you can withdraw the cash and deposit it in your regular bank account. With Shopback Go, you will actually spend less cash on each and every meal.

6. Offpeak

On this food app, you will get to know the restaurants located within your area. They have a unique network of eating places that offer Chinese, Italian, and even Western cuisines. Once you make a reservation using this app, it is confirmed immediately. You will enjoy savings of between 10% and 50% with this food app as you dine at restaurants with different types of cuisines.

7. Fave

This app will give you the best deals on restaurants all over Singapore. You can get cash backs of up to a maximum of 50%. There will also be the opportunity to enjoy huge amounts of savings, some as high a 70%, as well as coupons. With Fave food app, you can pay for a deal which you can use later. Whenever you dine at one of the restaurants, you are guaranteed a cash back the next time that you go back to eat at the same outlet.

8. Hungrygowhere

This food app has informative restaurant reviews. It is a very popular in Singapore because they give good dining deals on a monthly basis. You can get one for one deals on this app as well as discounts of upto 50%. One unique benefit about Hungrygowhere app is that they have a section where there are guidelines on food cuisines, and suggestions on where to take your loved ones for a meal on special occasions such as Mother’s Day. This information will help you to make the best choice for a great dining experience.

9. Quandoo

You will get to know about new food joints through this app. You can conveniently make online reservations as well as earn loyalty points whenever you go for a meal. One unique thing about Quandoo is that they have a network of eating places all over the world. You will have access to over 17,000 restaurants located in 12 different countries. This is very convenient because you can book online for a restaurant reservation even in Europe. You can redeem your loyalty points for vouchers. For every 1,000 points, you can get a voucher of $15.

 If you are a foodie in Singapore, using any of the above food discount apps will enable you to enjoy several benefits. Some of these are listed below.

  • Convenience

If you need to entertain your business clients at a restaurant on a regular basis, then food apps are a convenient way of finding the best dining places from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Saves money

Using food apps will save you money because all of them offer significant amounts as discounts as well as cash backs. You will spend less dining out if you do it through a food app.

  • Quick and easy reservations

You can make reservations smoothly and quickly using these food apps. This is also possible for restaurants oversees if you use an app such as Quandoo. This is a great advantage for frequent travellers who need to make quick reservations.

In conclusion, if you are a foodie, using a food discount app will open you up to a wide variety of food cuisines in Singapore at some of the best prices. Apps are a convenient and money-saving way to manage your expenses at a click of a button