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Planning To Invest? Here’s 8 Financial Websites You Can Follow for Stock Insights and Evaluations in Singapore

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by CashOctopus • December 11, 2019

Stock research is essential for helping Singaporeans when evaluating companies for them to be able to determine whether they are worthwhile additions to their portfolios. Researching stocks is comparable to shopping for a new vehicle. While the technical specifications of the car may determine someone’s choice, it is crucial to also think about the interior, the reputation of the manufacturer, and how the ride performs on the road.

Investors need to look at various factors, including the company’s competition, leadership, and financial information. This helps in the evaluation of stocks and deciding whether or not they deserve to be part of the portfolio. Stocks are regarded as long-term investments since they are associated with substantial risks.

People need time to handle the ups and downs of investing as well as enjoy the benefits over time. This is why investing in stocks is suitable for money that will not be required for several years. Several resources enable individuals to begin their investment journey.

Before anyone begins investing, they need to make sure that they have sufficient knowledge and avoid rushing into investments. They should also ask questions whenever they need clarification. For people who want to improve their financial institutions and financial security is among their goals, evaluating stock is a vital step.

Evaluating Stock

It is essential to begin the process of assessing stock by identifying useful research materials to review financials. This involves gathering pertinent documents that companies file with the relevant authorities. People can find highlights and essential financial data on brokerage sites and top financial websites. This information helps compare the company’s performance to other entities when choosing investment solutions.

  • Financial reports typically consist of a lot of numbers that can be overwhelming. People can focus on distinct items and become acquainted with the internal functionalities of the company. These items include revenue, net income, and earnings.
  • Further research provides details that give insight into the prospects and operations of a company. People are advised to invest in companies that they want to own rather than looking forward to the stock going up. This is because buying shares means that the individual is buying a personal stake within the business.
  • Other considerations include how the company makes money, competitive advantage, management, and worst-case scenarios.

There are several ratios and metrics that an investor can utilize when assessing the general financial wellbeing of a company and calculating the stock value. However, focusing solely on a company’s income or revenue from one year does not provide a complete picture.

Before purchasing any stock, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the company and the factors that make it a worthwhile long-term partner. Historical data gives insight into how resilient the company has been during difficult times.

Research tools on financial websites make it easier to observe how the companies compare to similar businesses in the industry.

Financial Sites for Insights into Stock Investing

There are various websites that individual investors can visit for clear insights into the world of stock investing. These types of websites provide content that helps investors develop their interest in stock analysis and investing.

Investors in Singapore can rely on these websites to give them quality insights along with narratives that shape the investment landscape of the region.

1. Financial Horse

This is a relatively new site, but it has rapidly grown in popularity as an investment blog for Singaporeans. The writer has churned out several articles within a short time while focusing on topics that are mainly dealing with investment. Novice investors can benefit from this personal finance blog that makes it easier to understand complicated jargon and become familiar with what stock investing entails.

2. Investment Moats

This is a blog that provides useful information regarding the financial sector. It was established in 2005 by software specialist Kyith Ng. He shares his experiences through the blog in regards to the world of finance, understanding money, and growing financially. Some of the main topics in the blog include wealth growth and management, financial independence, financial security, investing, and market trends.

3. The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person website was set up by equity investors who seek to share their investment knowledge. They aim to spread a message that can help several people around the world by promoting financial freedom and security, as well as improving their lives through financial literacy and better habits.

The website provides regular articles about stock markets, investments, and more. Stock analysis and case studies give a broader viewpoint. The site also showcases its successful investments.

4. Dr. Wealth

Dr. Wealth equips Singaporeans with investment knowledge through published guides on the site and by conducting courses. The goal is to share proven investment methods that people can use to achieve substantial returns.

 5. Seedly

Seedly is an app that is useful for tracking finances. It also consists of a blog that showcases its ability to perform optimally as an application. The blog contains articles that cover various subjects that can help people boost their financial literacy.

The application and blog make it possible to achieve the aim of enabling financial freedom by providing the required tools and cultivating the right mind-set. The blog emphasizes the vital role that technology plays in money management.  Features include investing, savings, and insurance.

6. Singapore IPOs

This is a blog that caters to IPO enthusiasts who are interested in the writer’s investment journey and keys to financial freedom. He provides company ratings as well as strategies and insights into a range of IPOs.

7. Small Cap Asia

Small Cap Asia is certainly for bold investors who believe that education is necessary for and investor. It seeks to provide access to critical analysis, tools, and research that can help people learn more about stocks.

8. Investing Note

This is not a conventional blog and is presented as a social networking platform where stock investors can access data and share estimates. The site has a blog that provides timely information about workshops, events, and IPOs. Signing up for a free account on the website is a worthwhile investment into information about stocks.

Exploring the Stock Market

The stock market is among the places where people can invest their money. Investing draws attention to the potential of huge gains for investors in Singapore. With proper research and information, virtually anyone can take advantage of stocks to boost their financial position while earning money.

Beyond The Motley Fool

Many Singapore investors are still recovering from the closure of The Motley Fool, which was a website that contained investment content. The franchise ceased its operations in Singapore in October 2019, and there is no doubt that the site will be missed. Fortunately, Singaporeans can still enjoy a vibrant financial blogging sphere. Other investment sites and blogs are still present and providing crucial financial support and guidance.

Considering how much financial information is available online, people can easily be overwhelmed and confused. Being aware of the top financial websites is essential for keeping up with all the insights and analysis that people need while filtering out the unnecessary details.

There are several investment websites and blogs that focus on stock investing in depth and cover a range of details and investment techniques that can help people make money and secure their financial future. Visiting these investment websites and blogs is an effective way for investors in Singapore to improve their investment strategy.