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Freelance Jobs Singapore – 8 Jobs Where You Can Set Your Own Schedule

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by CashOctopus • February 14, 2022


Being full-time employed is extremely tiring. Meetings take up all of your time; there’s lots of bureaucracy, tight deadlines, and miscommunication. And the list can go on.

On the other hand, freelance jobs allow you to avoid all that.

In the Internet Era, you can be anything you want to be. The opportunities abound, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic taught us that remote work is indeed possible.

But it’s not all roses when you’re freelancing, either.

You have to be disciplined. You must hone your skills constantly. And you must deal with periods of financial insecurity.

That’s why you should read the guide below.

The freelance jobs we describe are the most sought-after in Singapore and worldwide, so you won’t lack clients. The only other things to take care of now are self-discipline and hard work.

Best Freelance Jobs In Singapore

Let’s see what the market has in store for you:

1. Tutor

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There’s no shortage of parents in Singapore wanting private tuition for their children. Studies show these percentages of school-age children are tutored on the island:

– 40%: preschool

– 80%: primary school

– 60%: high school

That’s a lot of kiasu families looking for you out there. It’s no wonder that you can earn a six-figure income each year without much struggle.

Earnings: If you decide to become a tutor, you can earn a minimum of:

– $20/h: primary students

– $25/h: lower-secondary students

$40/h: upper-secondary students

– $50/h: JC students

These figures get even better if you were a MOE teacher. In this case, your rate can climb to $75/h.

2. Private Hire Driver

If you have a car and love driving it, you can always become a private hire driver for companies like Grab. Somehow, this green logo has wriggled its way into our lives. This freelance job has many advantages:

– You don’t need to improve your skills constantly.

– You can do it with the tools you already have (e.g., your car).

– You can relax while doing it if driving doesn’t seem like a job to you.

– You can do it whenever you feel like it, so you won’t have to quit your day job if you’re not ready yet.

Earnings: The amount you’re going to earn depends on several factors, including:

– How well you drive. Smoother drivers with better cars and better people skills make more money. You have to keep your vehicle clean, plus know when to make small-talk and when not to.

– The time of day/week when you do the driving. Weekends and nights are more expensive.

– Your amenities. For example, if you have car phone chargers or a baby seat like MiFold, you can get paid more in tips.

If you do not have a vehicle, you may have to rent or buy one. To do that, getting a car loan or a car rental loan may help. Apply here.

After deducting petrol fees, parking fees, you can earn approximately:

– $600/week: part-time driving

– $900/week: full-time driving during the weekdays

3. Wedding Photographer

Weddings are memorable events. The bride is centre-stage, the groom is dressed to the nines, the toddler flower girls throw cake at each other.

It’s all simply blissful.

That’s why every wedding demands a good wedding photographer who can catch all those unforgeable moments on camera.

That can be you.

Being a wedding photographer is one of the highest paying freelance jobs in Singapore. The problem is you’ll need to invest in professional equipment constantly. If you lack technical knowledge, you may also have to invest in a photography/videography course.

Remember that you’ll have to do the editing.

However, amateurs can be in luck. Some couples with tighter budgets may not be interested in professional photos. Thus, they’ll be happy to hire you for the job.


– $1,500/wedding day shoot: If you’re not a pro

– $3,000/wedding day shoot: For pros

4. Content Writer

Take this statistic: 68 per cent of online shoppers search for a product on Google before purchasing. That means people will read review articles, pieces that discuss pros and cons, and more.

Content writers have to persuade customers to purchase specific products.

This can be one of the best freelance jobs for you if:

– You like learning more about all sorts of things.

– You don’t get bored quickly.

– You like explaining things to other people so that they can understand better.

– You’re (almost) never at a loss for words.


– The average salary is $3,000/month.

– In Singapore, you can set an hourly fee between $20/h and $100/h, depending on your experience and job difficulty.

5. Web Designer

Web design is one of the most prolific freelance jobs worldwide. It won’t be hard finding something on a freelance platform if you have some experience.

Increasingly more brands nowadays understand the importance of the customer journey. Thus, ads, websites, and social media posts firstly must attract people’s attention. Websites and apps have to be intuitive and funnel visitors towards making purchases.

That’s where web designers come in.


– $2,000-$3,000 to optimise a standard 5-page website

– You can ask for more if you have UI/UX abilities

6. Tour Guide

Singapore received 2.74 million tourists in 2020, which is a considerable decrease compared to the pre-pandemic 2019. That year saw a peak of 19.11 million visitors in Singapore.

Luckily, that 2020 figure will only improve in the following years.

Therefore, you have plenty of opportunities to show people the glorious attractions of this futuristic city-state.

On the downside, you need a Singapore Tourism Board license, and you’ll have to sacrifice many weeknights.


– $250-$600/h: For professional tourist guides

7. Swimming Instructor

If you live in Singapore, chances are you know how to swim well. If you also have confidence, people skills, and lots of patience, you can become a swimming instructor.

However, this is one of those freelance jobs that require extra qualifications.

The Swimming Teachers’ Association and Sport in Singapore offers a comprehensive course for future swimming instructors. It’s a good idea to take this course because you’ll learn how to:

– Adapt your teaching for each student

– Motivate slower learners

– Encourage those who fear the water

– Execute different swimming styles

– Save a drowning person

Pro tip: If your condo has a swimming pool, you have clients right at your fingertips. You can start by teaching your neighbours or their kids to get more recommendations. That way, you can quickly build a database of clients and earn more recognition.


– $15-$20/h/person: Group classes

– More for individual lessons

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8. Social Media Manager

Brands can’t keep up with customers if they don’t have an established social media presence. The advent of TikTok during the 2020 pandemic and the rise of influencer marketing are compelling arguments.

If a company isn’t on social media, it doesn’t exist.

Your job as a social media manager would be strategising posts that:

– Keep users engaged

– Help build a loyal brand community

– Showcase the company’s values, personality, and work culture

– Funnel potential customers towards purchasing the advertised products/services

– Grow social media following

As such, you’ll have to create social media posts and ads or manage a team that does that.

Earnings: Your income depends on several factors, such as the total working hours, job difficulty, the tasks involved and whether it is a one-off or a recurring job.


In Conclusion: Tips For Freelance Jobs Seekers In Singapore


Now that you know which freelance jobs await you with open arms in Singapore, it’s time to be prepared. Freelancing poses many challenges, even though you have more freedom and control over your life.

The start is tough.

Thus, you’ll need a well-mapped strategy to find work:

– Research freelance platforms, such as Upwork, Freelancer. sg, or ZomWork

– Search for potential customers in your proximity (friends, neighbours, acquaintances) that are likely to recommend you to other people

– Set up a website/blog to include a portfolio

– Keep up a solid social media presence

If you work from home, expect people not to respect your work hours initially. Your kids may whine at your door. Your partner may pop in to ask for your opinion on their clothes. Even you might be tempted to linger more in bed than usual.

That’s why you must strive to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

Next, there’s the matter of your fees. You’ll have to learn:

– How much to ask

– When to compromise

– When not to budge

Also, think about how you will go from being a full-time employee to a freelancer.

– If you quit your day job cold-turkey: You’ll have to work hard for weeks or months until your business sets off.

– If you nurture your freelance career in your spare time, you have more financial security while increasing your clients’ list. However, working round the clock may take a mental and physical toll on you.

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