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7 Reasons Why Singaporeans Love Getting Air Miles Credit Cards

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by CashOctopus • December 6, 2019

You can’t live in Singapore without having everyone around you brag about their air miles credit cards.

Why do Singaporeans love getting air miles credit cards? Is it only the dopamine rush you get by watching your points accumulate or do these cards actually help you? Find out in the article below.

What Are Air Miles Credit Cards?

Air miles credit cards are, as their name suggests, credit cards you can use to collect air miles.

As you spend money from your credit card, you get this bonus in the form of air miles, which you can use to pay for your airfare ticket or different services during your flight.

You can’t get air miles for all airlines with your credit card, though. Read the terms and conditions first to find out what airline gives discounts for your specific card.

That’s basically like a frequent flyer mile card, right? Wrong! These types of cards have loyalty points you can redeem at a particular airline, while air miles credit cards have other benefits.

But first. How can you get more air miles?

  • Make purchases with your credit card.
  • Buy aeroplane tickets with your card for additional miles.
  • Make purchases from retailers that have partnered with your airline.

It will take a while for your air miles to get into your account. This period varies from one day to a month considering where you made your purchases.

Are air miles credit cards something you need?

These cards are meant for people who travel frequently and who can pay off their balance completely each month. Keep that in mind because if you want to cover the cost of your flight, you will need to spend quite a lot. Not covering for your balance means your credit card accumulates interest, which is more expensive than the normal cost of aeroplane tickets.

What Benefits do You Get from Using Air Miles Credit Cards?

The obvious benefit is being able to pay for your flight, or cover a part of your airfare, but air miles credit cards boast plenty of other benefits.

Below is a list of services for which you can swap your air miles:

1. Hotels Stays and Transfers

Let’s say you want to travel to Dubai. A cheap ticket costs about $470, while the regular ticket is almost double that amount. You might not have that sum available for use in your air miles credit card, but, if you have about $70, you can pay for one night at a hotel there.

Apart from hotel stays, you can use your air miles points to cover for hotel transfers because some bus shuttle companies accept air miles points in return for a ticket.If you have a lot of luggage and don’t want to pay too much for a taxi, hotel transfers are a good option.

2. Holidays

Let’s say you want to enjoy an exotic holiday. You have all the money you need on your air miles credit card, but don’t like to fly. Or you prefer to share a trailer with your friends to experience a cosy, intimate atmosphere that adds to your wanderlust. Or you simply want to enjoy a deluxe holiday in your own country.

Air miles points can be exchanged for package holidays as well as tours. Instead of flying to your dream location, you can simply redeem your points for accommodation.

3. Flight Services

Sometimes, you have the money you need to cover for your airfare so you don’t actually need to use the extra air miles points for that. But you can use them to get better flight services, such as flight upgrades to travel first-class or airport lounge access.

Some people use their air miles to cover for travel insurance which is not always mandatory, but it’s good to have. Others use air miles to pay for airport parking, especially if they drive their own car to the airport and plan on leaving it there for a couple of days.

4. Car Hire

Once you get to a new country and have to be on the move either for business or pleasure, waiting in line at train stations is not very convenient. It’s fun if you have plenty of time and you’re young, but not so great if you must attend various business meetings.

Some car hire companies will accept payment for their services by converting air miles points, so you can save some cash.

5. Cases of Wine

Does that need explaining? An extra case of wine can make the difference between a stellar party and a mediocre one. So, if you’re not planning on flying anytime soon, you can always redeem your air miles points for something like this.

6. Theatre Tickets

Once you get to a new country, you want to experience its local culture and nightlife. Tickets to the theatre are usually expensive, no matter where you are, at least compared to dinner at McDonald’s.

Many people who travel for business have their companies pay for their tickets. But not many companies offer their employees tickets to the theatre or experience days. If you have air miles saved up, you can pay for those yourself.

7. Theme Parks

Singapore is filled with theme parks. If you have air miles points but not planning on taking a holiday any time soon, you can change your points for entry tickets at these parks.

This exchange is particularly convenient when you’re not flying too often, when you don’t have a lot of money on your air miles card or when you want to make all your weekends as fun-filled as a holiday.


We’ve taken you through seven of the most important reasons why Singaporeans love air miles credit cards, but make sure you get the right card for your needs instead of blindly signing up for one.

Compare the credit cards’ schemes and points to find out which card brings you the most benefits. Look into their interest and yearly fees as well, and make sure you can exchange the points for services you’re actually interested in.