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How To Pay My Credit Card Bill: DBS, UOB, Citibank, OCBC & More

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by CashOctopus • June 30, 2022


Up to 5% cash back for credit card spending? Extra miles with new sign-ups?

Credit cards and their rewards can be really attractive.

However, you must always remember to pay your credit card bill.

Late credit card payment will bring along a hefty interest that could be up to 28%! To illustrate, it would mean that a $1,000 credit card bill could charge you a $280 interest, though it might vary for each.

Sometimes, when we need money urgently, we forget that there is another option for quick cash. To borrow money quickly, we can simply take a personal loan.

When juggling numerous bills every month, it can be easy to lose track of which ones need to be paid and when. Credit card bills are often among the most important to remember, as late payments can result in hefty penalties.

This article will show you how to pay your credit card bill from some of the banks in Singapore: DBS, UOB, Citibank, OCBC, and more.

How Can I Pay My Credit Card Bill?

Paying your credit card bill on time is crucial to maintaining a good credit score. A late payment can result in a late fee and damage your credit score. If you’re unsure when your payment is due, you can find the date on your monthly statement.

A good credit score helps you secure your home loans, personal loans, and renovation loans from banks. A bad credit score on the other hand, might lower the chances of loan approval.

There are a few different ways to pay your credit card bill:

1. Autopay. This is the simplest payment method, as it will automatically deduct the amount due from your bank account on the date that your bill is due. To set up autopay, you will need to provide your credit card issuer with your bank account information.

2. By post. This can be done by cheque or cash. Please make sure you have the pay-in-slip with you when posting your payment to ensure that your payment is credited to the right account.

3. In-person. You can do so at any physical visit to your bank branch. To pay at a bank branch, you will need to bring your credit card and ID. The teller will process your payment, and the funds will be applied to your credit card balance.

4. Internet banking. The convenience of paying your credit card bill via online banking is one of the most popular reasons Singaporean people choose to use it. You can do so from anywhere with an internet connection, and there are no worries about not having enough funds or being charged extra fees when using this method.

5. ATMs. If you have an ATM card associated with your bank account, you can pay your credit card bill at any ATM. The funds will be immediately transferred from your bank account to your credit card balance.

6. Cheque. You can pay by cheque if you have a physical copy of your credit card bill. Make sure to write the account number and payee name on the back of the cheque before mailing it to the address indicated on your bill.

7. GIRO. This automatic payment scheme allows you to pay your credit card bill directly from your bank account. This is probably the most convenient option as it is an automated payment, and you don’t need to remember to pay your bill every month.

How to Pay Credit Card Bill:  DBS, UOB, Citibank, OCBC, and Standard Chartered


Do you own a DBS, UOB, or any other bank’s credit card?

We’ll look at paying your credit card bill using internet banking and your accounts. You may pay your credit card bill via money transfer, NEFT, GIRO, etc.

How to Pay DBS Credit Card Bill

– Log in to Digibank Mobile, proceed to the Credit Card Section, and pick the Credit Card you want to make a payment.

– Choose between minimum, outstanding, and other payments.

– Choose the Fund Source from which you want to send funds and enter the amount you want to pay.

– Examine the transfer and then click Transfer Now.

– Your credit card bill will have been submitted.

How to Pay Citibank Credit Card Bill

– Whenever you wish to use your accounts to pay:

– After enrolling in your ID and password, download the Citibank app and select the Pay Now option.

– Then, go to the Citibank website and select the payment option. You’ll need to complete a few more steps, including getting and entering a one-time password.

How to Make a UOB Credit Card Bill Payment

– Access your online banking account.

– Select Pay Bills from the Pay and Transfer menu.

– Proceed by selecting the My Credit Card Bills option. Then, choose any card to pay the bill.

– Following that, you will be asked to input the payment amount. You can select the minimum, full amount, or any other quantity inside. Enter the alternate amount if you choose another quantity.

– Choose a payment date. If you wish to pay it simultaneously, leave the settings alone.

– Select the location from which the funds will be obtained, then click Continue.

– Verify the payment information and then confirm it.

How to Make a Payment for an OCBC Credit Card

– Visit OCBC ‘s internet banking website to get started.

– Choose ‘Payment & transfer.’

– Choose between ‘Pay your OCBC/Plus! credit card bill’ and ‘Pay card bill from another bank (Visa / MasterCard).’

How to Pay Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill

– Log in to Standard Chartered Online Banking or Mobile Banking

– Select “Pay SC Credit Cards”

– Choose the credit card to which you are making the payment and follow the onscreen step to finish the payment,

Tips for Paying My Credit Card Bill on Time


Paying your credit card bill on time is important to avoid late fees and keep your account in good standing. Here are a few tips to help you pay your bill on time:

1. Set up automatic payments.

This way, you won’t have to remember to make a payment each month, and you can ensure that your bill is paid on time.

2. Pay more than the minimum payment.

If you only pay the minimum payment, it will take longer to pay off your bill, and you will pay more in interest.

3. Change your payment due date.

If you get paid at the beginning of the month, you may want to change your payment due date to the middle or end of the month to have more time to pay your bill.

4. Keep track of your spending.

If you know how much you’ve spent, it will be easier to budget and make sure you have enough money to pay your bill.

5. Make a budget.

Knowing how much money you have coming in and going out can help you manage your finances and make sure that you have enough money to pay your bill.

6. Create a payment plan.

If you have trouble paying your bill, contact your credit card company and create a payment plan. You can make smaller payments over time and still pay off your bill.

Paying your Credit Card Bills Easily

If you don’t pay your credit card bill, you will be charged late fees, and your interest rate may increase.

Additionally, your credit score will suffer, and you may have trouble getting approved for loans or new lines of credit in the future.

If you struggle to pay your bill, contact your credit card company and create a payment plan. You can make smaller payments over time and still pay off your bill.

Alternatively, there are other ways to borrow money quickly at lower rates, or better methods to pay your credit card bills.

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