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Max loan amount

6x of your salary

Min age to qualify

21 years old

Max loan tenure

24 months


Having a functional car can prove to be much more convenient. You won’t have to jostle with the morning crowd on public transports. You’ll also get to your destination in the convenience and comfort of your car. Although public transport on the Island is much better than the rest of the world, it still has its limitations.

For instance, a car can help you juggle your family’s hectic morning schedules. You can drive your children to school or kindergarten, and spend more quality time together as a family in the mornings. You can also do errands faster, go to the gym, and get to various work-related meetings on time.

Getting your car regularly checked and fixed is important for your safety. It is also for the safety of your passengers, and that of other people on the road. A car might still work even though it’s not in pristine condition. However, it can break down at any given moment, which might put you in peril.

As such, we all know how costly and time consuming it is to get your car maintained or fixed.

At Loan Street Singapore, we value the importance of annual car inspections. Though, we stress that these inspections should be done more often for older cars. At least two times per year, make sure a mechanic you trust checks your brakes, suspension, and steering thoroughly.

That way, the mechanic can recognize any red flags and possible issues, and make timely repairs. Although you might not have planned for them in your budget, these few hundred dollars worth of repairs will help to keep you safe. It also saves you the hassle of spending more money or having your car hold up for longer at your mechanic’s in the future.

At Loan Street Singapore, we understand that finding an expert mechanic is mandatory. One of our clients, Mr Steve Seng, encountered huge problems with his car. The battery was constantly draining during the night, and he couldn’t start his car in the morning. This got him in trouble with his manager and his children were late for classes, which added to the day-to-day stress.

He took it several times to the car dealership, and each time he had to pay for a new battery because his warranty was expired. With little savings for a new repair, this was where he sought help from Loan Street Singapore. We advised him to seek a better mechanic, who found Mr Seng’s problem in a faulty window defroster grid that was draining the battery.

Loan Street Singapore can help you cover the expenses for your regular car check-ups and fixtures with our Car Maintenance/Fixture Personal Loan, which covers issues with your:

  • Battery
  • Filters
  • Fluids
  • Lights
  • Tires
  • Tune-up
  • Wipers

Launched in July 2019, Loan Street aims to provide even more financial assistance to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). We also aim to help educate the borrowers on the differences between licensed and unlicensed money lenders (loan sharks) so that they do not fall into the debt trap. To provide more assistance, Loan Street has launched and built the Learn-and-Succeed community that helps individuals upgrade their knowledge, hard skills and soft skills so as to secure better salaries and a higher standard of living. Our objective of the community is for everyone to upgrade and live even better than before.

Loan Street researches on all 158 licensed money lenders in Singapore and narrows down the best financial institutions. With Loan Street’s help, you will be able to secure a Car Maintenance / Fixture Personal Loan at an inexpensive and reasonable amount of interest rate. There will also be regular monthly settlements that are affordable so that your wallets will not be strained further. At the same time, our community will be able to help you upgrade your skills and life.

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