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Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or office, the right furniture can make all the difference.

Getting good-looking, stylish, and functional furniture for your home or for your office shouldn’t be viewed as a whim. It’s a precondition to make sure your family life is as happy as can be, and that you’re productive at your work.

Many studies highlight that our surroundings affect the mood we’re in. It also has an impact on our ability to solve problems, or to overcome conflict. Our home and office furniture affect our stress levels and can make the difference between us leading satisfied or unfulfilled lives.

However, they can be extremely costly. A rough gage of how much furniture costs in Singapore can range from $4,300 – $32,900. Of course, this is dependent on the size of your home/office and the furniture you get.

This is why we have specially tailored a Home / Office Furniture Personal Loan to help you with the cost of your furniture purchase.

Furniture is also related to safety. Some people have special requirements, such as ramps if they’re in wheelchairs. Others have constant backaches and would benefit from an ergonomic office chair, a standing desk, or a massage chair.

It is best for both adults and children to get comfortable beds with ergonomic mattresses. This improves sleep quality and reduce stress from insomnia.

At Loan Street Singapore, we understand that furniture is something that grows with you. It also acts as a boost to help you reach your potential. Good furniture doesn’t clutter your house, but rather makes your living space more functional.

Andrew and Mary Ng are a special couple. They are people who believe in fighting for their environment. They have two young boys, plus an old aunt they need to take care of. Up until recently, they lived in a rented apartment, but they managed to save enough money to buy a small apartment.

As they spent all their savings purchasing the apartment, they needed some help with the furniture. This furniture needed to be as functional as possible. We helped them choose double-bunk beds for their kids, which also have annexed storage compartments for their clothes, while their desks are incorporated in their common bookshelf.

The parents got an ergonomic King-size bed with a comfortable mattress, while the aunt has a sturdy, feature-packed massage chair that alleviates her sciatica pain. The majority of this furniture is made from recyclable materials, so it’s the most eco-friendly option they could find.

At Loan Street Singapore, we can help you get the furniture you need, as well as the furniture you want. Our loans help cover the fees for:

  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Bookshelves
  • Children’s rooms

We can also help you to make up for the deficit in funds, to find the best providers and set the most appropriate repayment schedule.

Launched in July 2019, Loan Street aims to provide even more financial assistance to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). We also aim to help educate the borrowers on the differences between licensed and unlicensed money lenders (loan sharks) so that they do not fall into the debt trap. To provide more assistance, Loan Street has launched and built the Learn-and-Succeed community that helps individuals upgrade their knowledge, hard skills and soft skills so as to secure better salaries and a higher standard of living. Our objective of the community is for everyone to upgrade and live even better than before.

Loan Street researches on all 158 licensed money lenders in Singapore and narrows down the best financial institutions. With Loan Street’s help, you will be able to secure a Home / Office Furniture Purchase Personal Loan at an inexpensive and reasonable amount of interest rate. There will also be regular monthly settlements that are affordable so that your wallets will not be strained further. At the same time, our community will be able to help you upgrade your skills and life.

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