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Some of us just love being in the kitchen. Whether it is to bake, come up with new recipes, or just to whip up a simple dish, the kitchen can be a safe haven and a place to let your imagination run wild.

Of course, all these kitchen appliances, when added up will prove to be costly. For instance, a 4.8 litre kitchen aid mixer costs $529 and the artisan series power plus blender will set you back by $1499.

If you require a kitchen appliance that can make your life easier, it’s better to go for it. You might want a mixer to prepare delicious cookie dough and chocolate chip cookies. You might need a smoothie-maker for your keto shakes, or a slow cooker that prepares your food for you.

Some people might need bigger kitchen appliances, such as a microwave oven, a dishwasher or a fridge.

Regardless of who you are and what you need for your kitchen, we at SBL Singapore believe that you deserve machines and appliances that make your life easier. This is why we have specially tailored a KitchenAid Mixer / Appliances Purchase Personal Loan to help you fund the cost of your kitchen appliances.

In September last year, we helped Mrs Melinda Liau purchase a slow cooker for her family. Mrs Liau had a 9-month-old at the time, who had no interest in sampling any baby food that was offered to her.

With the help of their paediatrician, Mrs Liau decided it was time to try baby-led feeding. To make matters worse, the baby was extremely keen about trying whatever her parents and her older brother were having. However, we all know that babies should follow a specific diet in order for the growth and health of the child, especially during their formative years. The Liau diet wasn’t the most appropriate for a baby.

Mrs Liau spent a lot of time researching the best nutritious homemade foods to prepare for her baby girl. Giving up processed food, oil, and salt was extremely difficult for her because she didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing tasteless food.

The slow cooker allowed Mrs Liau to prepare her family’s meals from wholesome, natural ingredients without being tied to the oven. Now, the Liau family says they are healthier, more energetic, and better rested, while the baby has discovered a new passion for broccoli with parmesan sauce.

SBL Singapore can also make your life easier with our personalised KitchenAid Mixer / Appliances Purchase Personal Loan. This loan covers expenses for items such as:

  • A beverage refrigerator
  • Blender
  • Bread-making devices
  • Espresso Appliances
  • Grills
  • Electric Pressure Cookers
  • Woks
  • Ice Cream Machines
  • Juicers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Mixers
  • Rice Cookers
  • Slow Cookers
  • Waffle Irons

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