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Loan Details
Max loan amount

6x of your salary

Min age to qualify

21 years old

Max loan tenure

24 months


The idea of working from home might sound extremely attractive. However, sometimes, we just can’t do without a office. It facilitates better discussions, work efficiency and can expedite the decision making process.

Renting a new office is important, whether you are a freelancer or you have a small start-up.

You can work in your pyjamas, but the people around you assume they can interrupt you all the time. You don’t have to spend time on the commute two times per day. That said, you have to arrange a workspace in your home, with all the things you need to be productive.

At Loan Street Singapore, we understand the importance of working from an office. Our offices are friendly and well-designed to improve our creativity and productivity. We feel better sharing a professional space with our co-workers and having our private spaces in our homes.

We can help you find the best office for your taste, needs, and budget. You can rent a separate storey in a building if you have a bigger team who needs their privacy. If you are a freelancer, you also have the option of shared office spaces, where you can work side-by-side with a variety of professionals from your area.

Thus, we have specially designed loans just for you to fund the cost of your office. Our Office Rental / Payment Personal Loan comes collateral free with affordable interest rates!

Two years ago, Ms April Kim came to us at Loan Street Singapore looking for help. She works at a events and marketing company. Having been in the company for the past 5 years and wanting to pursue something more meaningful, Ms Kim decided to take a leap of faith and chase after her dreams.

She decided to quit her job and set up her own events management company with two other friends. After almost a year of operation, they ran into a tiny financial knot and required an extra sum of money to tide through their office rental costs.

Thus, she applied for a Office Rental / Payment Personal Loan to cover for a part of their rental cost. Two years on, Ms Kim and her friends are very proud of how much thier little company has achieved and

Loan Street Singapore understands that the price of a few hundred or thousand dollars each month for an office rental is beyond most people’s possibilities, and so is paying the office in full. Our Office Rental/ Payment Personal Loan can help you cover the expenses for:

  • Monthly fees
  • Down payment
  • Stamp duty fees
  • Mortgage documents
  • Valuation fees
  • Resale application fees
  • Insurance
  • Administrative fees
  • Buyer’s agent fees

Launched in July 2019, Loan Street aims to provide even more financial assistance to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). We also aim to help educate the borrowers on the differences between licensed and unlicensed money lenders (loan sharks) so that they do not fall into the debt trap. To provide more assistance, Loan Street has launched and built the Learn-and-Succeed community that helps individuals upgrade their knowledge, hard skills and soft skills so as to secure better salaries and a higher standard of living. Our objective of the community is for everyone to upgrade and live even better than before.

Loan Street researches on all 158 licensed money lenders in Singapore and narrows down the best financial institutions. With Loan Street’s help, you will be able to secure a Office Rental / Payment Personal Loan at an inexpensive and reasonable amount of interest rate. There will also be regular monthly settlements that are affordable so that your wallets will not be strained further. At the same time, our community will be able to help you upgrade your skills and life.

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