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A wedding is never complete without pictures. These pictures capture the moment in time, and will serve to tell an important story in the years to come. Some may choose to have their wedding photography done locally, or overseas.

Overseas wedding photography and videography shoots help you remember and cherish the love you and your partner share. You will enjoy fun, exciting, and thrilling moments in beautiful places around the world.

Singaporeans prefer destinations such as Bali, Australia, Italy, Japan, China, New Zealand, or France. Although it’s a good opportunity for travel, an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot emphasises your relationship in ways you can’t even imagine.

The only condition is to choose a professional team, with quality equipment and with plenty of experience. Make sure you outline a realistic budget that you can stick to because overseas wedding photo and video shoots are expensive in Singapore.

For instance, Simplifai Studios, which specialises in outdoor shoots, have prices ranging from $2400 to $7000 depending on where you’re going. Their package includes return airfare tickets, accommodation for two nights, two different outfits and a makeup artist.

Spark A Light is another professional team for wedding videography that turns your love into a short movie. They can recreate the atmosphere so their videos will always transport you back to those special moments. Their rates are $300/ day but don’t include other expenses.

Although the costs are fairly high, you will never regret choosing an overseas photoshoot, whether it’s pre-wedding or for your actual wedding.

Why not choose a photographer from the country where you’re going?

Five months ago, Mr Kevin and Mrs Christina Aw came to us at SBL Singapore looking for a loan. They were planning to do a pre-wedding photoshoot in Melbourne, on the Great Ocean Road. They had it all figured out.

However, not everything was as smooth sailing as planned.

They researched and contacted a trustworthy photographer from Melbourne with good online reviews. After they paid him, he disappeared with all the money and deleted all his bogus online info.

The two were devastated, but they still wanted to go along with their plan. With our affordable Overseas Wedding Photography / Videography Personal Loan, they hired a Singaporean company, and had their beautiful wedding photos taken. We have to say; their smiles brighten up the Melbourne night skies better than all the constellations put together.

We at SBL Singapore can also help you with our affordable Overseas Wedding Photography / Videography Personal Loan. This loan covers expenses such as:

  • Airfare tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Makeup & hairstyling
  • Personalised itinerary
  • Outfits and bridal accessories
  • Original photos and videos
  • Edited photos and videos
  • Transport fees between different locations
  • The photo album

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