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Music is food for the soul. For pianists all over the world, we dream to play the grand piano. Regardless if you are a musician, a collector or simply a music lover, you may want to purchase a piano or grand piano. Having a piano in your home is an excellent way to entertain your guests, to improve the look of your home, or to add some harmony to your social gatherings.

If you are a music teacher, having a piano in your home is essential to get all the practice you need and to increase your student portfolio. Giving private piano lessons is a good way to increase your monthly income, but you need a sturdy and reliable piano for the job, which is fairly expensive.

You might also need a piano if you have an event planning business or if you rent your space for various parties. Having a piano will impress your guests and bring more entertainment opportunities, ultimately gaining more profit.

Loan Street Singapore understands that people who purchase pianos or grand pianos do it for various purposes. A used piano can cost around $2,000 while a brand new piano can cost around $4,000. For night owls who prefer to practice late in the night, there are silent pianos which cost more at at least $7,000 and above.

Aside from normal pianos, there are grand pianos that are often seen in movies where the lead actors perform gracefully. Grand pianos have a different texture and produce majestic sounds. A used grand piano can cost $5,000 while a brand new one usually begins at $9,000, going up to $30,000, $50,000, $70,000 and more. The price tag depends on the brand and sound.

Pianos have to be maintained and tuned once every six months and the price for each tuning session usually starts from $50. Add to that about $2,000 per year if you want private piano lessons and you end up with a sum not many people have saved for. This is why Loan Street came up with the Piano / Grand Piano Purchase Personal Loan.

Ms Renae Chua was one of the people we at Loan Street Singapore helped with our Piano/ Grand piano Purchase Personal Loan. She is a music graduate who has recently become a music teacher but also wants to pursue her dreams of starting a band.

Renae needs a piano because she wants to improve her skills with lots of practice, but she also hosts private and group lessons at her home for talented children whose parents cannot afford buying them a piano. After doing her research, Renae took on a Piano / Grand Piano Purchase Personal Loan with Loan Street.

Loan Street Singapore helped Ms Renae acquire a new professional Steinway Upright Piano that is versatile and easy to use for every age group.

We can help you too with our personalized Piano/ Grand piano Purchase Loan that helps you cover the costs for:

  • Getting your dream piano
  • Monthly installments
  • Recurring piano tuning fees
  • Piano maintenance costs
  • Shipping and setup costs
  • Warranty and extended warranty expenses
  • Restoring a second-hand piano
  • A few private or group lessons
  • Graded piano lessons, graded piano exams fees for Grades 1 to 8 and for Piano Diplomas

Launched in July 2019, Loan Street aims to provide even more financial assistance to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). We also aim to help educate the borrowers on the differences between licensed and unlicensed money lenders (loan sharks) so that they do not fall into the debt trap. To provide more assistance, Loan Street has launched and built the Learn-and-Succeed community that helps individuals upgrade their knowledge, hard skills and soft skills so as to secure better salaries and a higher standard of living. Our objective of the community is for everyone to upgrade and live even better than before.

Loan Street researches on all 158 licensed money lenders in Singapore and narrows down the best financial institutions. With Loan Street’s help, you will be able to secure a Piano / Grand Piano Purchase Personal Loan at an inexpensive and reasonable amount of interest rate. There will also be regular monthly settlements that are affordable so that your wallets will not be strained further. At the same time, our community will be able to help you upgrade your skills and life.

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