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Get to know Wedding Loans

Weddings are the time for the celebration of the love you and your partner share. They are a promise for the support you’ll give each other for the rest of your lives. Weddings bring families together and help forge new ones.

We at SBL Singapore understand that people want to remember all the special moments at their weddings. These invaluable memories are stories we will all tell our grandchildren, or reminisce when we’re grey and old.

It’s no wonder you want a videographer and photographer at your wedding to capture these unforgettable memories. It’s important to choose a professional with quality equipment and a lot of experience. They will know which moments to capture, and they will put together inspiring videos and photo albums. Thanks to these, you’ll see different sides of your wedding party.

The love in your partner’s eyes. The hidden tear your mom sheds when you say “I do”. The large grin on your friends’ faces when you make your awesome dance moves. Your young niece spilling ice-cream all over her pink dress. These things should never be forgotten, but a professional videographer and photographer cost between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on what you need.

In June, we at SBL Singapore helped Mr James Peh and Miss Adeline Yeoh find the perfect team for their wedding. Miss Yeoh had family in Indonesia who couldn’t join the wedding party. She needed someone willing to do a live stream, together with classic photos and videos. She needed professional and experienced wedding photographers and videographers in order to have the perfect wedding.

Their wedding was held outside and it was a beautiful outdoor wedding. Naturally, they needed a team of experts who could capture the beauty of the landscapes without making nature the main character. The wedding photographers and videographers also had to adapt quickly to the environment and weather changes.

We analysed the main options and helped James and Adeline choose an affordable wedding photographer and wedding videographer loan. With the personal loan, Mr and Mrs Peh worked with one of the best photography and videography teams in Singapore. The pre-wedding photoshoot and the wedding were both a success! They were very happy with their decision and even sent us a few photos to put in our office!

SBL Singapore can also help you with a customisable Wedding Photography / Videography Personal Loan. This convenient loan covers costs such as:

  • Pre-wedding photoshoot
  • Pre-wedding video (filming and editing)
  • Wedding photos and videos for as many hours as you need
  • A wedding album
  • A few CDs with videos
  • Wedding photo booth
  • Printing of photos from the photo booth
  • On-the-spot photo and video editing
  • Wedding photo and video edits
  • Wedding photographer and videographer to capture precious moments during the wedding

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