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A Guide To Signing Up For Gym Memberships In Singapore: Gyms, Locations, Cost


by CashOctopus • November 13, 2019

If you’re tempted on getting a gym membership, here’s the number one mistake you can make.

You’re having a casual conversation with your co-workers or your friends. Suddenly, one of them says they have to go to the gym. Excitedly, you ask: “What gym are you enrolled at? Maybe I should give it a try.”

What usually happens in these cases is you pay the membership fee, go once or twice, then quit.

Why? Because you don’t choose a gym someone else likes. You choose the gym that fits your schedule and purpose. We’ll tell you all about that in the article below.

We’ll start with the benefits of a gym membership, follow with some of the best gyms in Singapore, and finish with the most important things to consider before choosing your gym.

Benefits Of Having A Gym Membership

Why not work out at home or in a park? Why is having a gym membership better? There are at least six reasons for that:

Better Health

Making a gym membership – and actually honouring it – gives you access to a wide range of cardio and weight training. These exercises help you improve your body composition, lower your GI index, and increase your stamina and endurance. That way, you will have a healthier heart, stronger lungs, and a bigger muscle mass. All those things help you decrease the risk of cardiovascular, pulmonary and stress-related issues, along with decreasing your chances for obesity and diabetes.

The Best Equipment

Exercising at home without weights or good cardio equipment has its downsides. Running on the treadmill is easier on the joints than going for a jog in the park. Using a yoga mat is safer than doing those crunches on your carpet, and using professional weights is better than soup cans.

Besides, the professional gym equipment allows you to target your muscles comprehensively and in different ways, to make sure you’re getting an effective workout.


Gym memberships come with access to personal trainers. These people are experienced professionals in different areas of fitness, so they can help you try different workouts. From Yoga and Pilates to weightlifting and swimming, these PTs help you exercise safely, correctly and according to your fitness level.

It’s important to stay focused and motivated, and that’s what personal trainers do. Besides, they help you respect and push your limits at the same time, so you can listen to your body while achieving your fitness goals.


A gym membership offers additional motivation for people who tend to procrastinate or slack instead of exercising because:

  • You’re at the gym for a fixed period, not all day long.
  • You’ve paid for the membership.
  • You can easily find a workout buddy to train with you.
  • Your PT can keep you accountable.
  • People who sign up for different classes are shown to feel more responsibility in going.
  • There are no distractions so that you can be extremely focused on your workout.

Less Stress

Hitting those weights or a punching bag, running on a treadmill or joining a Yoga class are activities that reduce stress in different ways. If you’re like most Singaporeans, your hectic life leaves little room to unload your tension in a safe, non-aggressive way. Going to the gym allows you to relieve all that pent-up anger, frustration and sadness so that you can keep depression and anxiety at bay.

Meet New People

Gyms are packed with people who have the same goals as you. That’s why a gym membership helps you make friends who want to achieve the same health and fitness goals. Each person has a different story, some of which are incredible motivators. Besides, if you’re working out with your friends, it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

Gyms In Singapore

With that in mind, let’s see which some of the most popular gyms in Singapore are:

1. ActiveSG

Price: $2.50 adults and $1.50 students & the elderly. $300 for the whole year

Number of locations: 19

Facilities: Weights, cardio machines, locker rooms, showers, family-oriented activities and equipment; extra events

Opening hours: Various schedules for each branch and depending on the day of the week. Opening time can vary between 7 to 8.30 am and closing time between 8 to 10 pm.

2. Actualize Crossfit

Price: New members pay $270 for eight lessons, twice per week for the first month. The unlimited membership is $250/ month starting on the second month.

Number of locations: 1

Facilities: Circuit, sprint track, running track, weights, medicine balls, stretch area, swim pool. Although it has plenty of cardio machines and weight lifting equipment, Actualize Crossfit emphasises specialised CrossFit training, starting with the beginner-month lessons.

Opening hours: 6:30 am – 10 pm (Mo-Fri); 9:30 am – 1:30 pm (Sat-Sun)

3. Anytime Fitness

Price: $98/ month

Number of locations: 59

Facilities: Circuit, elliptical machines, exercise cycles, free weights, plate-loaded machines, racks, strength training equipment, treadmills.

Opening hours: 24/7

4. Fitness First

Price: $175 (Lifestyle Platinum Passport for 18 months) – $245 month (Flexi Platinum Passport for one month)

Number of locations: 20

Facilities: Basic equipment, boxing ring, cardio theatre, lockers, sauna, strength equipment, swimming pool, showers, workout clothes.

Opening hours: 6 am – 10 pm (Mo-Fri); 6 am – 10:30 pm (Sat); 7:30 am – 10 pm (Su) for most location. It’s worth noting that the weekend hours vary depending on the outlet so that some branches might be closed Sundays.


Price: $8 per entry; $30 join fee to activate your membership; $65 (one year membership) – $85 (one month membership)/ month for adults; $50 (one year membership) – $70 (one month membership)/ month for students

Number of locations: 6

Facilities: Cardio equipment and machines, strength equipment, resistance training, lockers, and showers.

Opening hours: 24/7

6. Pure Fitness

Price: $150-200/ month

Number of locations: 3

Facilities: Sauna, circuit zone, indoor running track, sprint track, weights, stretch zone, swimming pool, juice bar, complimentary workout gear, towels.

Opening hours: 6 am-midnight (Mo-Sat); 8 am – 10 pm (Su and Public Holidays)

7. Ritual

Price: $59 (7 days unlimited with 1-on-1 intro class and one 7-day suspension); $99 (14 days unlimited); $100 one session with a PT; $299 monthly unlimited subscription

Number of locations: 3

Facilities: Power racks, cardio equipment, stellar weight training equipment, free weights, showers, and lots of space for floor/ mobile activities.

Opening hours: 6:30 am – 9 pm (Mo-Fri); 9 am – 3 pm (Sat); closed on Sundays and public holidays

8. Safra EnergyOne

Price: You need a SAFRA membership before enrolling to this gym. The cost is $375 entry fee; $128/ quarter subsequently; various promotions.

Number of locations: 6

Facilities: Cardio machines, weight training equipment, resistance training, air weapon range, locker rooms, showers; various group classes (Karate, K-Kardio, Northern Shaolin, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba)

Opening hours: 6:30 am – 10:30 pm (Mo-Fri); 7 am – 8 pm (Sat); 9 am – 7 pm (Sun; public holidays)

9. The PIT Singapore

Price: $40/ group session; $100/ PT session

Number of locations: 1

Facilities: Strength training equipment, resistance equipment, Thai pads, focus mitts, heavy bags; martial arts and METCON classes

Opening hours: 6:30 am – 10 pm; group classes are usually held in the mornings and the afternoons, so you should consult the schedule

10. Virgin Active

Price: $43.50/ week (24-month plan); $51/ week (12-month plan); $67/ week (the flexible plan that starts with a month membership and rolls on for extra periods of two weeks until you want to stop; includes $99 activation fee)

Number of locations: 6

Facilities: Basic equipment, cardio, free weights, locker, showers; footpads, ice rooms, sleep pods, steam rooms.

Opening hours: 6:30 am – 10:30 pm (Mo-Fri), 8 am – 8 pm (Sat-Sun; PH)

11. True Fitness

Price: $89/ month (12-months membership); free trial available

Number of locations: 7

Facilities: State-of-the-art cardiovascular, free weights and resistance training equipment, functional training area, a stretch area equipped with Precor stretch trainers; aerobics studio, yoga studio, spinning studio; lockers; showers; steam rooms.

Opening hours: 6 am – 11 pm

12. Dennis Gym

Price: $78/ month (12-month membership plan); 6-month and 24-month plans available; discounts for students and senior citizens

Number of locations: 5

Facilities: Cardio and strength equipment, free weights, combat equipment; free consultation to establish fitness goals; various classes (Combat and Strength)

Opening hours: 7 am – 10 pm (Mo-Fri); 8 am – 8 pm (Sat-Sun); 24/ 7 (Tai Seng, Jurong and Farrer Park branches).

13. Gold’s Gym

Price: Depends on the training program; 100% money-back guarantee

Number of locations: 11

Facilities: Mats, free weights, kettlebells, sandbags, strength machines, gloves, exercise balls; personalised one on one training for fat loss, prenatal, strength training, rehabilitation, bulk up, postnatal

Opening hours: By appointment because your workout will be personalised according to your needs and goals and because all sessions are with a personal trainer.

14. Gym Pod

Price: $2.50 (off-peak) – $3.50 (peak) / 30-minute session; $99.00/ 35 sessions (valid for three months)

Number of locations: 4

Facilities: The Gym Pods are repurposed shipping containers placed in different locations in Singapore. They boast free weights, squat rack, treadmill, glass windows, doors, air conditioning and lights; share with one or two other people.

Opening hours: 24/7

Tips To Consider Before Committing To A Gym Membership

Did you know that most people who get a gym membership don’t follow through? That’s not just because workouts are hard, though they can be. It’s because people chose the gym wrong. To avoid wasting your money, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Membership period. Some people are willing to commit for a longer period from the get-go. Even if a 6-12 month plan is cheaper, start with a one-month membership to see if you like going to that gym, or if you need to find another one.
  • Take into account your budget; you can easily find affordable gyms with basic equipment in Singapore that deliver good results. Otherwise, don’t fall into the trap of choosing an expensive gym just because it has fancy equipment. Make sure you’ll use everything you pay for.
  • Operating hours. Make sure you have time to go to the gym. If you have to change your schedule too much to get to a class, you’ll feel burdened and more likely to quit.
  • It’s best to choose a gym that’s close to your office or home. If you move around a lot during the day, choose a gym with outlets in various locations that allow you to use your membership all over Singapore.
  • Affordable gyms like ActiveSG have less equipment than Fitness First. If money is not the issue, choose a well-equipped gym because you’ll lose less time queuing for the things you need. If you want to stick to a budget, ensure that your gym has the basic equipment for the type of training you plan to do.
  • If you’re going to work immediately after your workout, make sure the gym has showers and toiletries to freshen up. It’s also wise to check the lockers, so your phone, keys and wallet are safe during your workout.
  • If you want to master proper form and discuss your diet and exercise regime with a professional, make sure your gym has a personal trainer. Also, check if your PT’s rate is included in the membership and for how long. Keep in mind that value-for-money gyms might not feature personal trainers at all.
  • You might prefer group classes instead of solo training, so ensure the gym has classes that interest you, such as Body Pump, Crossfit, or Yoga. Don’t choose a more expensive gym membership just because it features these classes if you’re not planning to attend them. Otherwise, make sure these classes are included in your membership plan if you’re not ready to pay extra for them.
  • Family-oriented or not. If you want your gym to be a welcoming space for your children, make sure it has kids-oriented activities and equipment. Some people might especially want to join this type of gym during the school holidays.
  • Extra events. You might like weight training, but also appreciate extra activities and events, such as basketball games and skating tournaments.