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Compare & Apply For Affordable SME Business Loans In Singapore

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by CashOctopus • June 1, 2020

Running a business is not easy. You need to constantly innovate, be ahead of your competitors and take care of the well-being of your employees. Your staff needs to be paid punctually. After all, only happy employees produce the best output.

However, all businesses in Singapore have been hit by an unprecedented force in 2020. COVID-19 took the world by surprise and many countries, including Singapore, are implementing full or partial quarantine practices. Businesses are greatly affected.

Despite all the business funding from the government, Singapore will still enter a recession. People are going to lose their jobs and wages will be cut.

For all business owners regardless of their industry, they will need fast cash to tide through this tough period. They will need cash flow and liquidity. CashOctopus Singapore offers SME Business Loans for all entrepreneurs. Our affordable business loans are offered by licensed money lenders and designed to help businesses tide through this period with fast cash.

All startups and SMEs are welcome to apply with us.


Free SME Business Loan Assessment

Free-SME-Business-Loan-Assessment For-All-Industries-Loan-Street-Singapore-SME-Loan

CashOctopus Singapore offers all business owners a free SME Business Loan Assessment. 

It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, for CashOctopus is here to help entrepreneurs who need fast cash to tide through tough times. CashOctopus Singapore is willing to partner with all industries, such as food & beverage (F&B) industry, design industry, technology industry, media and photography industry, E-commerce industry and more.

There will always be times where businesses run into cash flow issues. These problems have to be solved as quickly as possible before they snowball and result in long-term damages to the company.

Nonetheless, not all SMEs in Singapore who take business loans are struggling. For some, they could be investing in their future goals and more. They could be using the funds to get more equipment, expand their inventory, upgrade the skills of their employees or for promotional and advertising activities.


Fun fact: the Singapore government offers various SME loan financing schemes to help businesses. These SME loan schemes are offered by more than 12 banks and financial institutions in Singapore.

With so many SME loan options, it is confusing and time-consuming to check. The business loan criteria and interest rates are different for banks. With the recent COVID-19 situation, there is no time to waste. To assist, CashOctopus Singapore offers a Free SME Business Loan Assessment to find out if you qualify for SME business loans.

With our comparison tool, you attain more information and your loan approval rates will be maximized, reducing the chance of it getting rejected.


Expedite The Process With Our Easy SME Loan Application

Expedite-The-Process-With-Our-Easy-SME-Loan-Application Loan-Street-Singapore-SME-Loan

Securing your available interest rates is easier with CashOctopus Singapore.

Step 1: Fill in your company’s details here.

Step 2: Allow at least 60 minutes for our system to generate quotes.

Step 3: View available SME loan packages and interest rates!


SME Business Loan Criteria And Requirements

Here’s what you need to apply for an SME business loan.

  • At least 6 months of business operation
  • Maximum loan amount of $1,000,000
  • Annual turnover can be <$100,000

Understanding the importance of time, CashOctopus Singapore strives to present the best SME loan to our clients in the shortest amount of time possible. Advisors at CashOctopus will look through each loan application carefully and offer the best financial service for all.


CashOctopus’s SME Loan: Fast Cash To Help Your Business


With so many loan providers and loan comparison tools available online, you might be wondering: which gives the lowest interest rates and the longest loan tenure? 

Most importantly, what makes CashOctopus Singapore different? What differentiates us from others? 

With years of experience in the financial industry and the experience of helping numerous Singaporeans and PRs tide through money troubles, CashOctopus Singapore is offering SME loans to assist not just individuals, but companies going through a tough time in Singapore.

This SME loan is provided by licensed money lenders in Singapore, approved by the Ministry of Law.

With the hit of COVID-19, more businesses need financial help. CashOctopus’s SME Loan is meant to help businesses that need fast cash weather through the storm.

The Coronavirus and the problems caused by it will likely take months and a few years to settle down. To lessen the impact, businesses in Singapore need liquidity and cash flow to solve financial problems. No matter what, workers cannot be retrenched unnecessarily and the business must not stop running. Revenue cannot be cut if possible.

With our experience, funds and resources, CashOctopus Singapore is confident of helping companies get through this difficult season.


4 Benefits You Enjoy With An SME Loan


1. Higher Approval Rate: As our team has a vast amount of experience, we are able to improve your approval chances.

2. Hassle-Free Loan Application: Tired of filling in endless forms? Let us handle the paperwork.

3. Faster Replies: By working with CashOctopus, you will get a reply faster than before.

4. Higher Loan Amount: We offer greater loan amounts up to $1,000,000 for your business.

Getting enough funds is not easy, especially when unprecedented events hit. If you’re a business owner requiring financial help, feel free to contact us here. With us, you can get through difficult times, plan ahead all while keeping your employees happy.