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10 Things You Need to Know about the Singapore Zoo-Our Comfortable Homes for All Animals

Singapore Attractions

by CashOctopus • December 9, 2019

The Singapore Zoo is famous for its wide variety of animal species and plants. It is a great place of recreation and enjoyment for your whole family. The animals walk around in their natural habitat in the park, and your children will enjoy seeing all sorts of mammals, reptiles, birds and plants. There is also a great variety of delicious food at the various eating places around the zoo.

There are ten things that you should know as you plan to visit the Singapore Zoo. These are given below.

1. Ticket prices

Generally, the prices of tickets have gone up gradually over the years. However, the zoo has various options that you can choose from. A single pass ticket will cost $37 for those who are 13 years and above, $25 for those between 3 years and 12 years, and $17 for those above 60 years old.

If you choose to buy the tickets online, you will benefit from a 15% discount for the adults and children. An annual pass for adults is $95, and this will give you unlimited entry into the zoo throughout the year except on some public holidays. You will also get a 20% discount at some eating places in the park. The annual pass for a child is $55, while family packages range from $205 to $245 depending on the number of children.

2. Ways of getting to the zoo

There are several different ways of getting to the zoo. If you want to use public transport and you are coming from the North-South line, you can take the train from the MRT station, and then connect with a bus that will take you straight to the zoo. If you are coming from the heartlands, you can take the Mandai Express. Alternatively, you could choose to drive yourself to the zoo or take a taxi, and this is the most direct way of getting to the park.

3. The orangutans

These are a major attraction at the Singapore Zoo. They are located on the orangutan island within the zoo, and they enjoy living freely within their natural habitat. One famous orangutan who came to be loved greatly was Ah Meng. She was raised in the zoo and won the hearts of many.

When Ah Meng died, her grandchild Ishta took over her popularity. You will enjoy seeing the whole orangutan family and hearing their rich history. You will also have an opportunity to have breakfast with the Orangutans and take some memorable photos with them.

4. Rainforest kidzworld

This is an exciting area in the zoo which is specially designed for children below 10 years old. There are exciting water activities in this section as well as several animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and goats. Your children will have a delightful time feeding the animals under the close supervision of the keepers. The keepers at the zoo will also give the children details about the animals. There is an animal show where dogs, cats and birds show off their talent, and the children are also given an opportunity to take part in this show.

5. Tours in the zoo

There are different types of tours offered at the park, and you are free to select the one that you find most suitable. You can choose to be driven around by a guide to the areas where you will see the cheetahs, rhinos, and lions. You can also tour the sections where there are giraffes as well as very large tortoises, and keepers will give you details about their upkeep at the zoo.

You could also decide to tour the area where there are exclusively reptiles. These include snakes and large dragons. Alternatively, you may prefer to go on a private tour while driving the buggy yourself. The zoo will provide a buggy that seats 7 people and you can plan your tour based on the feeding times or show times of the animals.

6. Meals

The Singapore Zoo has a great selection of delicious food available at various restaurants all over the park. There is a KFC eating place right at the entrance of the zoo, and another one further inside. You and your family will enjoy some crispy chicken and potatoes. There is also the Inuka Café where you can get a great serving of toast and eggs.

If you prefer the traditional Singaporean dishes, there is the Ah Meng kitchen where you can enjoy local Singaporean food. For great snacks throughout the day, you can choose to eat at Ah Meng Bistro, where they serve tasty pastries, sandwiches and tea.

7. Prams and wagons

If you plan to visit the park with small children, then you may need a pram or wagon to help you get around the zoo. The zoo provides prams or wagons which are located near the entrance, and you can rent them for the day so that your children do not get too exhausted as your explore the park.

8. Parking

There is both an outdoor and a covered parking available in the zoo. If you happen to drive your car to the park on a day when it is raining, then you will be able park it in the covered parking. There is also a covered walkway from the parking area straight to the entrance of the zoo.

9. Have a map

It is advisable to get a map of the zoo so that you can plan your day at the park without missing any exciting activities. The map will give details about the animal show times, as well as the times of the photo taking sessions with the animals. The map will help you to plan your tour of the park so that you participate in all the major events.

10. Admire the plants

Apart from the large number of animal and bird species in the Singapore Zoo, there is also a wide variety of plants and vegetation. If you love greenery, you will have a great opportunity to admire the different types of vegetation that make up the natural habitat of the animals.

The Singapore Zoo is a great place to visit for a day of relaxation with your family. The sights and attractions are very enjoyable for both children and adults.



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