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7 Best Spas In Singapore For A Relaxing Paradise

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by CashOctopus • May 10, 2022

Choosing between the best spas in Singapore can be a daunting task.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to use your needs as a compass instead of getting swayed by glam marketing descriptions.

We’re here to help.

First, consider the location. A spa in the busy CBD is likely to be more expensive than one in a more rural neighbourhood.

Second, think about the type of treatment you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a relaxing massage, you might not need to spend as much as someone looking for a more comprehensive package that includes facials and other treatments.

Third, research the reputation of the spa. Read online reviews and speak to friends or family who have been to the resort before to adjust your expectations.

Now, let’s review your options.

1. Ikeda Spa: Best Tranquil Spa

Ikeda Spa uses all the Japanese secrets of relaxation to give you a luxurious and serene experience.

Located in the lush greenery in Bukit Timah, Ikeda is also one of the best spas in Singapore tranquillity-wise.

The spa has five onsen bath salts, each with a different benefit. The salts are said to improve circulation, relieve muscle pain, and detoxify the body. The spa also offers a customised experience, allowing guests to choose the type of massage they want and the type of salt they want to use.

Besides, their signature spa treatments are of the utmost quality.

You can browse various options apart from the onsen baths, such as rituals and ceremonies accompanying Ikeda Spa’s signature treatments.

You can also choose a specific package depending on the occasion.

From the bridesmaid’s night to your birthday, Ikeda Spa ensures you get the proper attention to enjoy yourself.

2. Sofitel Spa: Best Outdoor Spa

Sofitel Spa is an outdoor spa in Singapore that offers a unique and luxurious experience. With its incredible views, Sofitel Spa is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The resort has a wide range of services designed to rejuvenate and relax the body.

From massages to facials, Sofitel Spa has something for everyone, with distinct offers for singles and couples. In addition, the spa also offers a variety of package deals.

There’s more:

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled vacation, Sofitel Spa is the perfect destination.

You read that right:

Sofitel Spa offers lush accommodation to make you feel as pampered as royalty. Alternatively, you can opt for day access to the spa garden facilities. A choice of Vegetarian Mushroom Wrap or Chicken Caesar Salad and cold-pressed juice is included in the price.

Psst: If you have the time, add a 90-minute massage to increase your relaxation.

3. The Thai Spa: Best Thai Spa

Thai Spa offers a wide range of services. It has something for everyone, from traditional Thai massages to facials and body scrubs. The friendly and experienced staff is always on hand to provide advice and assistance, and the relaxing atmosphere is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

The Lomi Lomi massage is a popular choice.

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that promotes healing and wellbeing. The massage is performed using long, flowing strokes that are often described as being similar to the waves of the ocean. It is believed that this type of massage can help to release physical and emotional tension, improve circulation, and reduce stress levels.

Lomi Lomi is typically performed with oil, which helps to lubricate the skin and allow for a deep level of relaxation.

You can also choose a relaxing hot stone massage.

The hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that involves smooth, heated stones. The stones are usually made of basalt, a variety of volcanic rock rich in iron and other minerals. They are heated in a water bath or an electric stone heater.

During a hot stone massage, the therapist places the hot stones on specific points on the body.

The heat from the stones helps to loosen tight muscles and relieve pain. The therapist may also use the stones to massage the body using Swedish massage techniques. The hot stone massage is believed to have several health benefits, including relieving muscle tension, improving circulation, and reducing stress.

4. G.Spa: Best Option-Packed Spa

G.Spa’s unique selling point is that it’s the only 24-hour spa in Singapore. It’s also a genuine haven of tranquillity, offering a slew of treatment options.

Their packages include:

  • Foot reflexology
  • Massages
  • Body scrubs
  • Body wraps

You will receive your calming, invigorating treatment in a serene environment delivered by professional hands. Their therapists have the highest certifications and use top-notch products.

G.Spa also allows you to purchase the Couple’s Package or gift vouchers. There are also several VIP rooms to plan your retreats, including:

  • Corporate Retreats
  • Meetings
  • Hen’s Night
  • Bachelor Night
  • Birthday Party
  • Private Party
  • Baby Shower

G.Spa is also one of the best spas in terms of facilities. Their array includes sauna and steam rooms, a hot and cold pool, a relaxation lounge for your power nap, and a rainforest-themed café.

5. Passage New York: Best High-End Spa

Passage New York is a luxury spa in Singapore’s Central Business District, catering to women who want a posh, indulgent experience. Although it entitles itself as a boutique, Passage New York looks much like a palace.

Many women go here for that feeling of being treated like royalty.

Although the treatments are unique, Passage New York only offers two packages: for the face and body. Each package has four treatments to choose from, with few details on the official website regarding price and duration.

That choice isn’t serendipitous:

It underlines that these details are too trivial for Passage New York clients. Remember that Passage New York is one of the best spas to feel like royalty – and the high class doesn’t care about time or money.

That said, the treatments use expensive and innovative ingredients.

For instance, the Caviar anti-ageing face spa uses caviar to accelerate your natural collagen production and eliminate wrinkles. You can also purchase a slew of products from their Shop, such as repair capsules, gel cleansers, hyaluronic cream, and stem cell lotion.

Sounds too posh for your budget?

Check out their regular promotions to find something that fits.

6. Four Seasons Spa: Best Versatile Spa

The Four Seasons Spa aims to cater to all clients’ needs. That’s why you’ll notice many packages that target your whole body and mind.

It’s also why Four Seasons Spa boasts, “We can arrange virtually anything.”

It’s not just marketing; it’s the truth.

Their offer includes:

  • These sensory voyages take you through a series of customised treatments meant to rejuvenate you. The therapies target exfoliation and muscle relaxation, but also cell renewal, hormonal balance, and overall relaxation.
  • The healing massages from Four Seasons Spa include Peranakan healing, deep-tissue massages, and botanical relaxation using aromatic oils.
  • Body treatments. Four Seasons Spa lets you treat your body like the temple it is, with various moisturising, cleansing and softening techniques. The spa’s unique proposition is that it uses regional ingredients to create customised lotions.
  • The Four Seasons Spa uses unique ingredients for its facial massages, such as Mogra, Queen of Jasmines and 24k Gold. The spa offers four options that should cover all of your needs: anti-ageing, hydration, purifying, and antioxidant.
  • The extra options you can choose from are the Four Seasons Spa Suite, a customised neck and shoulder massage, the head and scalp treatment, the relaxing leg massage, and the custom facial.
  • Salon services include a menu of manicures and pedicures for different occasions.

7. Damai Spa: Best Healing Spa

Damai Spa is located at the Grand Hyatt Singapore and is one of the best spas if you’re interested in trying new healing therapies.

The relaxation centre offers a variety of options from Chinese, Indian, European, and Malay cultures. You can try the right herbal treatment for your needs or even Ayurveda.

It will be worth it.

These natural ingredients and signature treatments will significantly impact your body and mind.

Damai Spa is also one of the best spas for couples.

Try their exclusive couple’s suite to reconnect with your loved one. You can relax in the indoor stone tub underneath the open skylight and rest your gaze on the beautiful views offered by the outdoor water terrace.

Besides, Damai Spa has a holistic approach to your health.

That’s why the centre includes several fitness memberships and programmes that are perfect for all lifestyles. As a result, you’ll benefit from a rounded wellness experience.

Wrap Up

Imagine this scene:

You’re lying on a plush chaise lounge, surrounded by the soft sounds of soothing music and the scent of lavender. A therapist glides their hands over your body, applying just the right amount of pressure to ease away all of your tension. As you drift off into a state of blissful relaxation, you know that you’re getting not only a treatment that feels amazing, but one that is also excellent for your health and happiness.

Now open your eyes, because unfortunately, that spa day will have to wait until you can afford it.

Spa treatments are notoriously expensive, especially in Singapore, where the cost of living is already sky-high. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to put your relaxation and wellbeing on hold indefinitely.

Whether you want to celebrate yourself, heal your body, or enjoy the best bachelorette party – you deserve it. CashOctopus offers affordable financial packages to help make your dream spa day a reality. So go ahead and book that appointment.

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